Reading School – Class of 1952

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Due to a gradual decline in interest, this web site has now been closed for updates but will be kept active on the web as a read only web site for the foreseeable future. This web site was created in an attempt to chronicle as much as possible of the boys who started out at Reading School in Reading, Berkshire, England, on Tuesday 16 September 1952 and those boys who joined that year in later years. It wasn’t easy tracing people you hadn’t had any contact with for over 50 years but as at 15 April 2012 we had contact details for 60 out of the total of 98. Six had passed away that we were aware of and 32 were unaccounted for. As expected, not all the guys wanted to participate, and we didn’t have an issue with that. Again, as at 15 April 2012 we had active pages for 42 guys. The web site comprises an Index of the Boys with links to their own personal page, a Memorabilia section, an Anecdotes section, a list of the Masters at that time, a section reporting on Reunions, and a section where some school magazines are stored . There is also an Update page which details changes to the web site and a page called Scriptor Fabula – you all did Latin at School – so work it out for yourself!!  Finally there is a Help section. This (Home) page is the only page that is public.